• Southeast Skåne Committee of Cooperation •

Southeast Skåne Committee of Cooperation (SÖSK) is a cooperative body between municipalities Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Tomelilla and Ystad. SÖSK’s role is to be coordinating, advisory and recommendatory and has the following purposes;

Enforcing southeast Skåne’s interests to regional, central and interstate authorities
To discuss joint municipality matters

Apart from activities within Sweden SÖSK is also active in the two following networks:

South Baltic Four Corners www.four-corners.org
European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage www.culinary-heritage.com

A coordinator is responsible for the ongoing operation and management. For more information, please contact us via phone or email.

Madelene Johansson
Coordinator SÖSK
T +46 (0) 411-577197, +46 (0) 709-477197